What do I need to have ready to get started?

We ask that you review our services pages to get a clear direction of what you are looking to achieve as well as where your budget fits within our services.

How do I know you will “get” my vision?

Our design questionnaire is a something we have perfected over the years to really narrow down the overall goal of your project, and when we review it together we feel confident we will know exactly what direction your vision will take us during the design process.

How do you quote projects?

We quote projects based on our hourly rate ( $100 per hour). We break the quote up into two phases design and development.

Once I have paid my deposit when do you get started?

We will notify you of our first milestone, but typically projects start within 2 weeks of deposit date.

How long does it take?

Typically custom websites take 4-6 weeks from start date to launch on your live server. This includes taking into consideration revisions. For smaller projects ( 10 hours and under) around 2 weeks.

How do you handle communication?

We answer email daily M-F and your emails will normally be returned the same day or latest the following day except on weekend where they will be returned on Monday. If a phone call is needed we preschedule all calls via email.

Do you do small website tweaks?

Yes! We actually love these as they are nice break from the large projects. Just submit a questionnaire form via our contact page and we will quote your project. Pleas send us your task list in bullet format.

Do you upload content?

Yes, we do, and we prefer you have your content before the design process starts as it is needed to layout your design. If you have a rough idea of the items on the site we can use lorum ipsum (dummy text) as an alternative, but really prefer when we start the design phase to have the basics. The option to upload your own content is available and will reduce the amount of hours needed during the development phase.

Do you write content?

We do not write content, but we do offer suggestions as it pertains to marketing.

How many revisions do I get?

We estimate 3 design revisions per project, and if more is needed we will notify you and request more time to apply to the design phase.

I want it to look good on my ipad, phone, and IE5

Ok on the first two, but whoa there on the third one. We support browser compatibility up to 3 versions prior. Any older, but we hate to say it, “Time to upgrade!”.

What if after we launch I need some additional items edited?

While we work hard to get the site 100% complete, some clients notice they want to edit some items on the site or just make some small adjustments. After our 3 day grace period we are available for edits and these will incur our hourly fee.

Do you offer training?

We offer training in the form of professional prerecorded videos uploaded to your site, or we can schedule a training call via online where we screen share and record the meeting.

What happens if I need to put my project on hold?

That is fine we can do that, but any outstanding balance will be due, and the full payment will be required to begin work again.

Are there any monthly fees?

Heck no! We get really discouraged when other companies charge a monthly fee for additional services as part of their contract. If you like us and want to keep working with we would be happy to continue to work with you, but it not required to work with us.

What about Hosting?

We recommend Namescheap, and if you do not have hosting we will set it up for you. *Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Namescheap, but I only recommend services I used and like.

How do I submit payment for services?

We will invoice you through our online professional invoicing system. We accept paypal, credit card, echeck, or a mailed check.

Do you create free mockups, ’cause this other guy in India offered to?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any free mockups. We feel that after you review our portfolio you will be confident that we are capable of meeting your design expectations.

What about SEO?

We make very SEO-friendly websites, and in most website packages we include Google site submission, Google XML sitemap submission, Google analytics, and the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

Do you offer refunds?

In the unfortunate event that you decide you want to cancel a project with us we will refund any money that has been applied to your project if not yet worked minus a 15% filing fee of project total.


All designs, unless otherwise stated, are protected under copyright and are property of Etebari.org.


All correspondence and documents provided will be treated as confidential between the client and the designer, unless consent has been granted by both parties involved. If all this sounds too amazing to pass up please contact us and we can begin the process.

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